Thursday, September 20, 2012

Allasan & Mike - July, 2012

Hey guys!
So, wayyy back in November of last year, we met up with Allasan & Mike to do their engagement shoot. It turned out to be rainy, cold and totally romantic. It’s kind of hard not to sound cheesy, but these two had such a connection with each other that just flooded our camera with all sorts of loveliness and I’m pretty sure neither of them were feeling the cold in this picture. Can you guys feel the heat or what?! 

Fast forward to this past July, and it really was actually pretty steamy outside. The wedding took place at the Ancaster Mill, which, for any of you brides-to-be, is a pretty fab place to get married. We were so impressed with the professionalism of the staff and the amazing delicious food (Portobello mushroom in phyllo pastry? Honestly, I still think about how mouthwatering it was, and its been a good couple months now.)  Anyways, so Allasan and her girls arrive, and her bridesmaids rise to the occasion, making sure her hair piece and dress are just perfect. I know that one of the things that Mike just loves about Allasan is how fabulous she looks when she’s laughing, which is a lot, thanks to all the fabulous friends and family she has. 

 There are reasons why we just love the getting-ready pictures, and this is one of them:

 The moments between a father and his daughter, are so special. I just love how adorable Allasans mom is in this picture!

There is really nothing better than a good ole shot of Beefeater to get you right straightened out before the big walk down the aisle.

As Allasan and her parents make their way down the aisle, the cello is playing and their friends are smiling and all eyes are on her – especially the ones that matter the most.

 After a beautiful ceremony, we head to the falls and have a fantastic time with the bridal party. Don’t you guys just love how the contrasting yellow flowers look with those gray bridesmaids dresses?

 I kind of have a soft spot for daddys and daughters.

Next it’s time for some pictures with the new Mr & Mrs. I was so looking forward to this part because the connection that exists between these two is so strong, and it’s such an honour to be able to capture it in camera. I mean, I don’t even think I’m going to comment on these next few, they kind of speak for themselves...


Amazing, right?! : )  Next we head off to the reception, beautifully decorated with the perfect hints of Mike & Allasan’s personality. S’mores bonbonnieres are such a fab idea, (the back of the tags said "Sending S’more Love" Love it!!) And each table was designated by these cool retro postcards, signifying the couples love of camping and travel. 

Now, I just have to pause for a second here, and give a shout out to two of the groomsmen. First, the best man made the funniest speech I have ever heard at a wedding. Honestly guys, it was hilarious and sweet and these two are lucky to have this guy in their lives. But one of their other groomsmen also contributed something really special  - he made this freakin’ beautiful cake!Check it!

Pretty cool, huh?

The night continued with a lot of laughs, and good times, 

and ended with a lovely first dance to Strangers In The Night, a la Sinatra. With bubbles, and the love of their friends just pouring out, these two are headed towards a fun, adventurous life together – with a cool (tee hee) Icelandic honeymoon to kick it off!  Thanks guys for having us out, we had a fab time and enjoyed every moment! 

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